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Read these artists biographies to learn the stories about these great country music pioneers on exhibit in the museum. Becoming a country music star in not easy. And as you’ll discover there are many different roads to success.

The stories of each of these country stars are as varied as their personalities. But they all share a common love of country music and each one had the drive and determination needed to succeed – in spite of all the obstacles.

All of them had ample chances to “call it quits” but chose not to do so. They chose to push through the challenges, believe in themselves and make it work.

There are many talented people who never “make it” and often it may be just because they just gave up a little too soon…!¬†After reading these artists biographies, you’ll know these country music artists are not on the “quitters” list.

So if you get to Nashville, stop in and see their exhibits. You owe it to yourself and you’ll be very glad you did!

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